Vilisco Wax Hollandais Red And Gold

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Vlisco Wax Hollandais is a range of special patterns and prints that are inspired by African culture. Vlisco Wax Hollandais is manufactured using the finest soft cotton, that not only is soft but also provides a suburb hard-wearing quality. The designs are always mirrored on the front and back of the fabric (cotton cloth). One of the colours is often used to highlight a natural crackle effect, which contributes to a unique and lively appearance. 
  • Vlisco Wax Hollandais Fabric
  • Dutch Wax Print
  • Made with soft super fine cotton
  • Produced in Holland since 1846
  • Eye catching colours
  • Unique patterns
  • Worldwide Shipping


  • Limited Edition Exclusive Design 
  • Colour: Red and Gold 
  • Super-Soft Cotton
  • Size: 45inches × 6yards